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Personal Lines

Personal Lines

We offer a comprehensive coverage for your residence, whether it is an apartment or a house.

Fire (Building)

As basic coverage in our fire policies, we offer protection against loss caused by fire, water to extinguish a fire, lightning, smoke or soot, explosion, vehicle impact, objects fallen from the sky, debris removal, earthquakes, high winds or flooding.

This insurance serves to protect the construction and is generally required by the banks before granting a mortgage loan.

Homeowners (Contents)

In order to complement the fire policy, we propose the residential multi-policy that covers household content loss (furniture, clothing, etc). It includes fire, theft, earthquake, etc, in addition to several additional coverage of great value:

  • Liability .
  • Electronic Equipment.
  • Domestic Worker Fidelity.
  • Landscaping.
  • Legal Aid Services.
  • Emergency residential assistance.
  • Among others.