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Benefit Programs

Benefit Programs

We would like to advise you at the moment of assessing your needs, and recommend the most appropriate product for you, your family, and your employees.


We offer Medical Expenses and Hospitalization insurances with the endorsement of excellent insurance companies, covering illness or accident.  This insurance is intended to compensate for the economic losses generated by any eventuality.  We have national and international coverage.


We offer different types of life insurances. A life insurance is one of the most effective ways to offer protection to your own, create a patrimony for your retirement and for the children education, protect your business, plans for backing a mortgage.

Personal Accidents

Support in case of unexpected accidents, trying to preserve the economic stability of your family.

Life and Health (Corporate)

The group life and health insurance is developed to insure a group of people under a corporate umbrella, covering illness, accident or death of any of them.